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Social assistant

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Because of the X API changes, the app is not working anymore.

The idea

Most of the apps, made to show the number of unfollowers on Twitter, I tried were performing too slow because of server-side rendering, or the UI was not optimized for mobile.

That’s why I decided to build a new app to perform this task.

Tech stack

Social assistant is built using MERN stack:

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • React
  • Node.js


The frontend side of the Social assistant is licensed under the MIT license and was written using Gatsby.js.


React-based UI for the Social Assistant app

Open on github
0 MIT License JavaScript

Libraries used:


The backend side of the Social assistant is running under Node.js.

Libraries used:

  • Express - a Node.js framework
  • MongoDB - database
  • ws - WebSocket server used to broadcast actual data sync status
  • passport.js - used for Twitter authentication
  • twitter-lite - lightweight library for Twitter API
  • Agenda - (A lightweight job scheduling library for Node.js) used for scheduling user data updates