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Schedy: A Post Scheduler for Reddit

Schedy is a cutting-edge post scheduling application tailored for Reddit, enabling users to effortlessly manage and plan their content. With Schedy, the complexities of post timing and subreddit selection are simplified through a user-centric interface that’s great for new and experienced Reddit users .

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Scheduling: Set your posts to go live at specific dates and times to maximize engagement.
  • Seamless Reddit Integration: Easily link your Reddit account, select subreddits, and assign flairs to your posts.
  • Visual Calendar: A comprehensive calendar view aids in tracking and organizing your scheduled content.

Technological Backbone:

  • AWS S3: File storage for images and media.
  • PostgreSQL: Database for storing user and scheduling data.
  • Prisma: ORM for database operations.
  • Supabase: Authentication and authorization services and data storage.
  • React Query: Data fetching and caching for optimal performance.
  • Next.js: React framework for server-side rendering and static site generation.
  • React: JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • BullMQ: Job queue for scheduling and processing tasks.
  • TypeScript: Static type checking for codebase reliability.

Schedy uses snoots-revived, to interact with Reddit’s API.


A modern, fully-featured, strongly-typed reddit api wrapper.

Open on github
0 MIT License TypeScript
Schedy subreddit validation

Schedy supports post validation, ensuring that your content meets the requirements of the selected subreddits. By providing real-time feedback on post length, title, and flair.